FREE, Ad-funded applications

ZingMagic have teamed up with innerActive to bring you premium quality applications for free!

The applications are ‘ad-enabled’, that is, adverts are displayed in exchange for free usage. All we ask is you choose to view some of the adverts as this will enable us to offer further applications for free.

In order to fetch and display adverts the applications require you have a working data connection. For most normal users this will already be available on your device.

We have the following ad-funded applications available:

Board games


ZingMagic’s critically acclaimed version of Backgammon enables you to play this most popular of board games to a high standard anytime, anywhere.


Supporting over 10 different variations including American, International, Italian and Russian Checkers and 10 game play levels, Checkers V is your ultimate Checkers companion.


Regardless of your playing level, ZingMagic’s multi award winning Chess is a stimulating and challenging game for beginners and champions alike.

Chinese Chess

ZingMagic’s critically acclaimed Chinese Chess application is a stimulating and interesting alternative to western Chess.

Four In A Line

Four In A Line is the perfect game for those who look for a quick five-minute pleasure fix whilst on the run.


The ancient game of Gomoku is essentially a very simple one, place five pieces in a row, horizontally, vertically or diagonally.


Reversi is the classic strategy board game of territorial occupation involving placement & capture of game pieces and has been a favourite with board gamers for many years.

Card games


Euchre is a plain-trick card game for four players in fixed partnerships. With a best of breed AI and numerous game play options, Euchre will challenge you every time.


Hearts is a classic card game, full of skill and strategy. Unless you attempt to ‘Shoot the Moon’, simply avoid collecting the Hearts or the Queen of Spades.


HomeRun is a highly addictive card solitaire that combines luck with skill providing endless hours of fun and entertainment.


Spades is a modern classic in the world of card games. Supporting a wide variety of bidding options and strong AI ensures a fascinating and challenging game every time.

Puzzle and Strategy games


Help the pack of crazy mice that have entered the labyrinth in this fast, fun and dangerously addictive game. Are you ready to be A!maze’d ?


Blokz is a simple yet highly addictive logic game. Simply remove all the pieces from the board, scoring points on route.


Enigma requires you to use all your powers of deductive reasoning to crack the code at the master level.


GemMagic is a fast paced, simple and highly addictive board game. Simply swap adjacent gems to construct lines of 3 or more pieces to score points.


Yacht is the classic poker dice game. Roll the dice, generate poker hands and enter the high score hall of fame.


Supporting 4×4, 6×6, 8×8, 9×9, 12×12, 16×16, Jigsaw and Killer Sudokus, Zingles is your ultimate Sudoku companion.

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